The Plague of SATNAVS

Hiya, we have just been on holiday to Kent. It’s nice there, we stayed in Rye… I was navigating and I reached forward for something, bumped the sat nav( or splat nav as we like to call it ) and it turned off !!!! I had a small breakdown that day 😦

I am very excited, my new Skulduggery Pleasant book came in the post, Mortal Coils by Derek Landy. If you like the genres of mystery; fantasy or slight horror then this is the series for YOU. And If you are already lucky enough to have read this amazing series then check out the website 🙂

At school we have to study the medieval period and I have written lots about the plague and made a play on my new camera ( generously donated from a friend ). It is about how the peasants that didn’t die benefited from the plague as they got paid more. The keywords in that sentence were DIDN’T DIE.

The owl has left the building!


11 thoughts on “The Plague of SATNAVS

  1. Well, hello there Miss Tilly & welcome to the world of blog. I look forward very much to reading your future missives (that now makes 3 generations of your family that I read!).

    May all your commenters be supportive!


    Mrs Jones. (creator & purveyor of dangling ear adornments)

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