Thanks to everyone who commented!

We went into the chemist today and in the window in a small bag was sprouting broccoli (yuk). Broccoli is ick, but the colour is nice. Green and purple are my favourite colours.

My random words of the day are: jellyfish, mushrooms and hats…

Mushrooms are cool but I don’t really like the taste. I have multi-coloured, stone mushrooms on my desk. Heston Blumenthal made magic mushrooms on his show. He is awesome, once he made a giant toastie. I have a toasted sandwich maker. : )


bye de bye xxx from owl


19 thoughts on “Toasties

  1. I like broccoli; purple sprouting broccoli is nicer than the boring green sort. But I probably wasn’t very fond of it when I was your age! I like mushrooms and cheese too.

  2. Good morning owl from connika on the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia. I’m just up and one of the first things I do before taking dear Dougal a walk is turn on my computer to see what your mum has been up to and how her children are behaving themselves. What a surprise this morning to see that you have started a blog! I shall pop in here too. I love green and purple too. I think they were the colours of the Suffragettes’ hats, posters and chains. If you pop into my blog and go to the categories and click on Dougal, you should see a picture of the wee man. Bye for now.

  3. My favourite colour is – um – pink. No surprise there, I guess.

    I would like to know, however, how you came to name your blog “Felt Tip Owl”. I really LOVE that name! It’s so creative!

    • Why thank you, pink is good too. I love your picture of a poodle.
      Owls are fab and the same with felt tips, smoosh them together and you get my name!
      love owl xxxx

  4. Great blog! I love the name and hope you tell us about why you picked it, and your header design too.

    Look forward to reading more.

    And toasted sandwiches are my absolute favourite. Which is lucky for my family as it is the one and only meal we all agree on – apart from cake.

    • Thats the way it should be, we should live in a peace loving world full of cake and toasted sandwiches 🙂
      I picked the name because I love owls and felt tips are just so cool and hence the owl header.
      love owl xxx

  5. Jellyfish is a really nice word. However, it is one of those that if you think about it too much you begin to doubt it is actually a real word.

    My random word for the day – perplex. Just fun to say.

    • I’ve found if you say any word over and over you think they don’t make sense. Weird hey ?
      Perplex is good , here’s another word for you, gingerly.
      lurve owl xx

  6. I love broccoli and mushrooms but my sons didn’t when they were your age – now they love them both.

    Great colour choices and hats are fab indeed 😉

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