The Owl Show

Aloha, welcome to The Owl Show! Tonight we will be interviewing….. THE WOMBLES ! So, Wombles, if you could have any pet what would it be ?

An ostrich and a mole that plays golf.

Who is your favourite pop group ?

JLS and Lady GaGa.

Tell us, what tooth paste do you use ?

Spritzo for that extra wombly shine.

Have you been wombles all your furry lives ?

No we used to be lawyers but we didn’t look good in 3-piece suits.

One last question, have you ever met someone famous ?

Yes, we have met Johnny Depp, he was awesome!

Thank you for your time Wombles. We hope you all enjoyed today’s special  episode of The Owl Show

Goodbye Owl viewers xxxx


6 thoughts on “The Owl Show

  1. Aaah Wimblingdon Common as one of my little cousins used to say! I loved Uncle Bulgaria best, reminded me of my Great Uncle Tim, even the voice was similar.

    • Brilliant!! Maybe your great uncle Tim was seceretly a womble in disguise. 🙂
      prepare yourself for a truly naff joke: Where do Wombles go to watch football? Wombeley.
      If you do not get this there is a footie stadium called Wembley.
      lots of loves Owl x

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