What happens when you mix show tunes and Bohemian Rapsody?

Glee is awesome, if you haven’t seen it Glee is a series on telly!

My new fave song is Bohemian Rapsody…..

You say, What has Bohemian Rapsody got to do with Glee? Well ….

And in Glee there is a seriously genius lady called Sue Sylvester and this is one of my favourite things she says …

Now that I have found the ability to insert videos into my posts I will probably have about ten every day,  so be prepared:)

Luuuuurve Owl


9 thoughts on “What happens when you mix show tunes and Bohemian Rapsody?

  1. … not surprising the guitar riffs are good the lead guitarist was Brian May (now a well respected astronomer!) who is in the same league as the really great guitarists George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

  2. Regarding Bohemian Rhapsody I find myself in agreement with Keith 😉 Cannot say anything pertinent about Glee as, apart from your little snippet, it has yet to appear on a screen in our corner of the Antipodes.

  3. Tils

    I love Glee! I am a big Gleek!
    I love that you have a blog 🙂

    I have the Glee soundtracks in my car – sometimes I forget people can actually see me at traffic lights when I am singing quite dramtically to myself!!!!!!!!!
    Love you – say hi to T & O for me.
    Saj xx

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