Is This A Poodle I See Before Me?

Don’t get me wrong, Tallulah is one of the most beautiful  girls in the world but she has this dress she got from the charity shop ( a marvellous invention) and it makes her look like a poodle!!! However this doesn’t stop her from wearing it…..

I want a Pug dog, they’re so cute,

One day I really want to  try a deep fried mars bar, it will probably taste gross but hey ho                                          

Loves ya, Owl 


4 thoughts on “Is This A Poodle I See Before Me?

  1. Hi Tilly!
    I think there are many much nicer dogs than Pugs (which to me are ugly and because of their squashed face they have awful breathing problems) – and I think it is squashed faces I don’t like as I feel the same about Persian cats.
    If we’re talking poodles, I like the standard size poodles, rather than the usual miniature ones. Standard poodles come in a rather fetching shade of off-black (ie. a dark grey, usually called “blue” – no don’t ask!). And they can certainly be characters just like your delightful sister.
    I’m really a cat person – somehow I don’t bond easily with dogs – but if I was going to have a dog I’d be very tempted to have a real tearaway like a Jack Russell, although they need a lot of exercise.
    Love … K x

    • No I’d much rather have a pug than a poodle, but once once on holiday we saw a poodle in a side car with pink sunglasses on !!!!
      Love Owl xx

  2. My younger son has had deep-fried Mars bars and thinks they are great. We think he is insane. However a Mars bar and a banana wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven or on a bbq for approx 15 mins is heavenly. Chunks of Mars buried in the muffin mix before baking works well too according to my menfolk. Cannot vouch for this personally as I am strange and do not like cake very much at all.


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