My New Favourite Shop Is …..

……………. Fortnum and Mason !!!!!! They had chocolate owls and skulls, and they had cakes too . I ate gnocchi and bought four yummy chocolates for £6! We also went to see the Merry Wives of  Windsor at the Globe in London; it was really good. We went to the great British Library as well and looked at all the amazing maps, they were so beautiful. 

love ya

                         Owl xxxx 🙂


8 thoughts on “My New Favourite Shop Is …..

  1. Dear Owl, I think I see a great career as restaurant/ food critic for you. Suppose you tell us more on this page about any delicious morsels that pass by (or rather, into) your beak?

    Lots love,

  2. i also love F&M… every time we’re in london, we do tea there… and i always wind up buying something useless but lovely. this year it was feathers. last time it was a china mug painted with a scene from The Snow Queen. it said it was #2 of 12, but i’ve never been able to find the other mugs. i also have bought food there — cheese and terrine, which we had for breakfast one morning. you have excellent taste…

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