Owl- ?

We have a great game where you have to slot owls in to the name of cars, like :     Owldi, Toyowlta, vowltswagen, B.M. doubowlyou.

Monty Python is brilliant ; spam, spam, spam, spammity, spam.

Seeya Owl xxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Owl- ?

  1. Excellent!

    The Renowl is French.
    The Vauxowl & Rowls Royce are English.
    The Owldsmobile, Chevrowlet & Cadowlac are all American.
    The Owlfa Romeo is a beautiful Italian owl-mobile.
    The Vowlvo is a Swedish bird (I believe).

    The Daewoo isn’t an owl-mobile, but deserves mention because it sounds like something an owl might say.

  2. Well I have tried very hard but I cannot owlify Hyundi Getz! We used to have an Owldi once upon a time, and I really like the sound of Jamie’s Olwfa Romeo.


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