Tasty !!!

Today we went to a food fair at Belgrave Hall. They had a lot of cupcakes and vegetables. We also saw a brilliant stall with bees making honey on it! I bought some fudge and a big bottle 0f elderflower juice that I drank three quarters of  before we got home.

I also made bread with spelt flour which tasted nice, but was very sticky to make.

Mum reviews things, and she got sent a Lego kit that shows you how to make trucks. Yesterday night Dad and I stayed up putting together small pieces of Lego to make half a truck and a quad bike, it’s extremely monotonous, but very addictive. I have to say I find Duplo easier. 🙂

I am planning on making a film on my camera, it is going to be me and Tallulah running about in slow motion and shouting really deep and s l o w ly. It shall be brilliant!!

Don’t move your mice, Owl fans !


One thought on “Tasty !!!

  1. Love elderflower juice, but it’s very hard to get here ;-(

    I cheat and make bread in a machine, no stickiness experienced and no kneading required. Bliss!

    My son would have had a wonderful time with the lego – he still has an enormous box of assorted types which we brought over from the UK with us (and have added to since).

    Looking f o r w a r d t o s e e i n g t h e s l o o o w – m o t i o o n f i i i l m m m . . . .


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