Bask In The Glory Of Owliness

I was just reading BBC News and I read a great story about a burrowing owl on a cruise ship!! Here is the link: . Owls are just insanely cool, I mean they are brilliant.

Today Dad insisted we got Mum’s car cleaned, so we parked up at the car wash and a cheese string van parked next to us !!! Naturally I got extremely excited. Some people say they are made of plastic but they are made with 100% real cheese and they’re delicious.

 This is completely random but ………..  Bill Bailey is awesome, escpecially in the episode of Black Books (a great T.V series) where he swallows the little book of calm and becomes like Jesus. Dylan Moran is also genius

Really sorry it wont play, click to watch it on you tube , it’s worth it.

Bye for now Owl xxx


6 thoughts on “Bask In The Glory Of Owliness

  1. Cheese strings, said with a shudder! It’s the same stuff used to make the cheese slices that are put in burgers, 100% genuine no-added-dairy-product-plastic. I think any calcium element is probably from powdered chalk. Yuck!

    Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran are geniuses indeed. I applaud your taste. I was once sent a link to a clip on You Tube with Bill Bailey and others performing a very credible Kraftwerk number. So funny. Not on my computer now but I’m sure you could track it down if you were interested.


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