This a live interview with the “supposedly” rabid, Blue Koala:

‘Welcome, Mr. Blue Koala.’

‘Thank you for having me.’

‘It’s a pleasure to talk to you.  Now, can you tell us, why do people think you are rabid?’

‘Yes, I can.  I have been cruelly misrepresented actually.  It all started one time when I was sniffing around someone’s house. I swallowed a stray beetle shaped lump of soap, and started frothing at the mouth!  Then someone came in and started shouting;  “RABID KOALA!” so I ran away.  I mean, people just overreact. I didn’t expect some kind of Spanish Inquisiton.’

‘Thank you for that fascinating insight into your life of miserable persecution Mr. Blue Koala.  You are a true hero of the underdog, or to be more precise, the underkoala.’

‘It’s my very great pleasure to set the record straight.  Now for a short film…’

Well that ends our show today, thank you for watching.

OWl xxx


4 thoughts on “Koala

  1. In the interests of maintaining the high standard of your home education, I must point out that Koalas only eat gum leaves. Possibly, just possibly, those which are blue and already rabid may eat beetles, soapy or otherwise.

    Oh and – Monty Python RULE! I have that on good authority from The Spanish Inquisition.

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