Attack !!!!!!!!

All last week Tallulah was launching surprise tickle attacks on me which made me very grouchy. Also, Oscar is very excited because he has just received his very own DS with Ben 10 stickers on it.

Yesterday, me and mum made long Anglo Saxon fingers. We had a competition to see whose was best. Did you know that the Normans went to conquer somewhere, and they camped out on a hill, and it was covered in tarantulas? When the tarantulas bit them, they filled up with poisonous gas which exited through their bottoms!

My desk is not looking good at the moment. I can barely reach my keyboard through all this stuff. I don’t feel bad about it because anybody in the world who owns a desk has got stuff festooned all over it. However what really annoys me is when my friend comes over and tidies up, and then I can’t find a thing.

loves and huggles

                           Owl xxxx


4 thoughts on “Attack !!!!!!!!

  1. Well I never knew the bit about the tarantulas, so your home education has spread its benefits down here in the Antipodes too.

    Would it make you feel better to know that I have three desks (in a room dedicated to crafting with lots of drawers etc for storage) and they are all buried under heaps of assorted ”stuff” with just two small clear-ish spots, one for my laptop and one to make things on.


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