The Dissectanator

Yesterday afternoon, whilst all you normal people were probably reading or baking as normal people do, I was disecting, weighing, measuring and taking taking pictures of ………….. Kidneys !!!  ( They were lamb kidneys not people’s)   It was my biology lesson, next science lesson we’re  going to dissect some sardines or something slimy like that.

When we were on holiday in Rye, we went to get some supplys from the supermarket, I got some anchovies for mum but you had to fill a tub yourself. In the process I got smelly fish juice all over my hands, when we were at the counter to pay, mum lifted the anchovies out the trolley and it exploded spilling fish juice far and wide ! Thats karma for you.

There is an awesome band you should check out, they’re called Vampire Weekend.  Their album Contra is genius, here is a taste of one of the best bands ever.

 Enjoy and come back soon, or else 🙂

Love you all. Owl xxxx


6 thoughts on “The Dissectanator

  1. I got a download of that album, Tilly. It’s interesting, but I think the first two tracks are the best. It’s an interesting cross between Paul Simon’s Graceland and Japanese Okinawan “folk” music – which is very eclectic and westernised in places.

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