Dancing With A Mackerel

        Yesterday we dissected a mackerel. When it was still whole,  ( i.e before Tallulah got her mits on it) me and mum took pictures of each other holding and talking to the mackerel. I was very annoyed, as after we had chopped up the mackerel, my hands stank even after I’d had a shower! I mean, it’s ok if someone else smells because you can just move away from them, but if you smell you have to live with yourself.  

Rare Moustached Mackerel

This is my customized Rare Moustached Mackerel

I have lost a tooth so now I might have to get my braces soon! I have extremely strange teeth; once I had a tooth growing out the roof of my mouth, we called it my snaggle tooth.

   I love to hear all your comments so keep bringing them in!

                        love you Owl xxxxx


4 thoughts on “Dancing With A Mackerel

  1. Maybe you should get some surgical gloves to wear for your dissections. In the meantime, should you get stinky hands again, try rubbing lemon juice and sugar on your hands but not if you have any little cuts or grazes as it will sting like crazy.

    My Best Beloved had a wisdom tooth growing sideways along his lower jaw which had to be removed. It put up a very good fight before it gave in. Fortunately none of his other wisdom teeth ever appeared.

    PS Did you get any sensible answers from the mackeral?


    • no, the mackarel wouldnt talk so I chopped his head off.
      gloves sound like a great idea if I dissect anything else!
      the tooth sounds painful.
      Love O xx

  2. Yes, mackerel can be a bit smelly. But they are very good to eat. Surgical gloves, as suggested by sharon, is a good idea; you can get pretty lilac coloured ones.

    I don’t like the sound of braces on your teeth – they’re supposed to be red and hold up stockbrokers’ trousers! 🙂
    Seriously braces sound a pain; I refused to have them when I was your age (fortunately my Mum allowed me to decide) and nothing too terrible has happened. Teeth are odd things but quite interesting – do you know why we get wisdom teeth?


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