Something About Nothing

Here is a small poem about nothing and blogging:

         Nothing and the Blogging Owl

  Here is a poem  about nothing, sitting on my blog.

 It smells like nif and pibblesquonk , sitting on my blog.

It is the colour of nothing above the mighty Owl,

nothing and the blogginng owl, sitting on my blog.

As you can see,  this Blog post is about nothing much! Did you know that everything is nothing, so that means this post is about everything and nothing at the very same time ? It is very amazing really.

Here is a poem about Everything:

                   Everything is everything

      Everything is……

      Everything is……

      Bumble bees, jam pots,  America and Threes

     Jelly fish, Moomins, and red Iscoceles.

    But the most important everything in the very big wide world

                      is OWLS

There you go then, I have given you everything you could ever want and nothing at the same time. You have all tired me out, so I am going now .

Bye bye,  Owly xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Something About Nothing

  1. I like the rhyme of “threes” with “Isosceles” — but note the spelling of the latter! 🙂
    (Not that I could have got the spelling right at your age, and maybe not even now!)

    Incidentally I’ve blogged about the Liverpool poet Roger McGough today. You might enjoy some of his stuff; it’s quite whacky and zen-like in places. Your Mum probably has some of his poetry somewhere.

  2. I like ‘everything’ about your poems. And you do get a bit tired having deep and meaningful thoughts. I’d keep it to a minimum if I were you…

  3. If you put all of the nothingness into a bowl there will still be plenty of room left for ice-cream.

    Do follow Keith’s suggestion re Roger McGough’s poetry, it is simply sublime.


  4. I love how you’ve managed to combine the central fact of Buddhism (the thing & the no-thing) with bumblebees, pibblesquonk & of course, Owls.

    You are very amazing indeed, Owly one.

    Tons of super mega love,
    Daddy Jamie

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