Hattyfatteners and Halloween Dragons

As you can see I am being a dragon for halloween this year and I’m making it myself. I’ve sewn my costume and I am going to paint my face with intricate blue and purple scales, however I am painting my face so it is more likely to look like a shiny splodge!

Moomins are brilliant, the storys are great too. I have lots of favourites: Thinugmy and Bob, Tooticky…… But my favourites are the Hattyfatteners. Once lightining struck them and they soaked it up, so they were glowing and yellow!!

At the moment I am writing an excellent book and when I am dead they will go, wow she wrote the best books in the world and whenever we have a cup of tea and a cake we will remember her! My story is called Thespianay and it is about Dragons.

Soon me and Dad will be able to watch the new series of Apprentice, YOUR FIRED!!

Only joking I hope you will all come back werry, werry ( Oscar talk) soon

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4 thoughts on “Hattyfatteners and Halloween Dragons

  1. The Moomins are wonderful books. Alas I no longer have my copies but, if I ever acquire some grandchildren, I’m going to replace them all 😉

    Good luck with the face painting. If you practise a few times before the big event it’s bound to be all right on The Night. Little tip, start at the top of your face and work your way down.

    And I rather think we will all be in awe of your writing skills well before you depart the planet my lovely! After all you are pretty awesome already.


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