The World According to Me

Before I get started rambling on ………….. It is Daddy Jamie’s birthday. Yey, Happy birthday Dad!  Here is a little present.

Anyway, here are the main According to Me‘s :

Kent is not the garden of England, but the land of sweet shops.

England should be more like Australlia in the way the Australlians have sprinkle sandwiches and bushbabys.

I should be in charge.

All you robbers out there are just lazy and should get jobs.

Alan Titchmarsh should be BANNED.

And finally, they should put good television on, on Sunday.

Today I got my Gee ( it’s a special suit for Karate) and tomorow I am going for grading to get my yellow belt, Tallulah is an orange tip aswell.

Wish me luck 🙂

love Owl xxxxxx


10 thoughts on “The World According to Me

  1. Hi Tilley … I agree about Alan Titchmarsh; he’s very irritating and smug. Good luck with the karate tomorrow – should be easy for someone of your talent. xx

  2. Cher Hibou,

    Very best of luck for the karate – though I agree with Keith, you just need your natural talent! And perhaps one day there will be the Tilly Report on where the best sweet shops are to be found. I shall enjoy reading that…

    Lots love,
    Noreen x

  3. Sprinkle sandwiches? Hmm, I think you must mean that good old Aussie standby for creating hyperactive children, called Fairy Bread. Not good for either Mothers’ sanity or their bank balances when the dentist bills are factored in!

    Good luck with the karate although, as with Keith and Noreen, I’m sure you don’t need it.


    • Ye olde English way of turning out tonnes of hyper active children is giving
      them anything artificial and blue to eat!
      Thank you.
      Love Owl xxxxx

  4. Thanks for my present, Monkey. As you may know, that is one of my favorite television moments of ALL TIME!

    By the way, I’m not sure that being a robber is as easy as it looks. I understand it can require lots of hard work, such as figuring out fiendishly clever ways to tunnel into bank vaults, laundering money & shouting “You’ll never take me alive, copper!”

    Don’t let your mother know about your plans for Alan T – secretly she fancies him, & may be miffed.

    I hope the grading went well – I was wishing you luck.

    Tons of love
    Daddy Jamie

    • Once we saw a cardboard cut-out of Alan T with a moustache on it.
      Have you watched oceans 11 ? I could forgive all robbers if they were like Brad Pitt
      and George Clooney, in that film.
      love Owl xxxxxxx 🙂

  5. I watched Oceans 11 & it was very good, except for Don Cheadle’s “yankney” accent that knocked Dick Van Dyke’s Mary Poppins performance off the top spot in “World’s Worst Approximation of an English Accent by an American Actor Who Should Know Better” competition.

    Clooney & Pitt are two of the best screen actors of their generation, & should be let of for any robberies they’re later discovered to have committed.


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