Guess who got her yellow belt………. Meeeeeeee! Did you know that there are 15 different Katas (a Kata is a pattern of punches, kicks and blocks). Thank you for everyone’s encouragement 🙂

I have now a list of were are good places to get nice things to eat in different places in the world. (that was a confusing sentence!)

  • France = Anywhere in France serves lovely pastry and tea, Oh lala
  • Canada = If you go to Canada look up the Med grill or Mary’s Blue Moon cafe. Once I had a portion of calamari as big as my head there!
  •  Las Vegas = It is like France but instead of stripy French men and pastry; they have gamblers and panckakes. Chocoholics go straight to the Belagio chocolate shop!!
  • England = If you like the best things in life in the ways of sweet things go to Fortnum and Masons, but beware, because it is like a pound per chocolate.
  • Seattle = For a delicious snackarel got to Starbucks and get a toasted panini

           So if you have been somewhere that is truly delicious please post it in at:

            Number 16, Felt  Tip Owl , The Comment Box !

Cheerio for now, Owl xxx


10 thoughts on “Yippeeeeeeeee!

  1. I can highly recommend the Can Laury restaurant in Sitges, Spain. They serve highly delicious Paella, plus pan-fried baby squid that are truly delectable.

    Happy eating & muchos love!

    Daddy Jamie

  2. Congratulations Grasshopper Tilly! The Chocolate Factory in Margaret River WA has the most stupendous chocolate and fudge (as sent to your Mama)


    • Brilliant. Maybe one day we will have to have
      a universal bloggers tea party, where everybody brings delicious things!
      love Owl xxx

    • DONUTS!!! They are scrumptious if you go to the right places and
      you have found stash of delicious donuts. well done!
      love Owl xxx

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