Yesterday,  we were getting ready to go out, I opened the door and there was a dog on our drive. This old lady was walking along and she had let her dog on our drive! I looked at the lady very menacingly and her and the dog went away.  People make me so tetchy sometimes; most of the time I just look dissaprovingly and they go away.

Also, I have a solution for world peace! Stop all wars and have big tea partys all over the world.

Moving house is very hard; there are labels all over place. On the bright side we are having chicken kievs for dinner, so all will be OK.

I have a random word for today …………………………….. TOASTED

I suggested to my grandad that he started a blog; however he sniffed and said he had enough to deal with already thank you. 

Good bye for now Owlets. xxxxxxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Strange

  1. Hope the move goes OK and it isn’t too traumatic for you all. These things are always hard, but only for a few days. Oh and well done on getting your yellow belt!! xx

  2. I hope the dog didn’t leave a calling card on the drive!

    Good luck with the moves. It will be great when you are all settled in Boo Manor. Christmas will be splendid in such surroundings this year. Has it got a real chimney for Santa to come down?


    • I think santa might get a burnt bottom.
      I am really looking forward to the move actually, It is quite stressful some
      of the time.
      love Owl xx

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