There’s A Frog In My Toilet ……..

……. Dear Eliza, Dear Eliza. That was the modern take on Dear Eliza. At the moment, I am bunking at Granny’s house and I woke up to the sound of Grandad, shouting : there’s a frog in the toilet !

I rushed to the toilet to see and there was a small frog in the toilet! After, the grownups debated who was going to get it out; I butted in and said I would. They are extremely hard to catch without hurting them, frogs. I finally caught the frog and brought it down stairs; by which time the frog had started to work it’s way up my arm. Someone opened the door and I laid it on the grass.

My Auntie Pat and her grown up daughter Pia have come to visit us from Italy.

Yesterday, the cat ( Tessy) tried to eat the flowers in the vase on the living room table . She got really annoyed when she couldn’t find them and was searching everywhere.

I have to go now because I  have to make Oscar’s and Auntie Pat’s birthday cakes.

Bye bye bye bye. lurvve Owl x


8 thoughts on “There’s A Frog In My Toilet ……..

  1. Well done Tilly! None of this girlie shrieking! 🙂
    Yes frogs are very hard to catch. We found the best ways (assuming they’re on the floor) were either:
    Drop a wet cloth over them then pick them up in the cloth, or
    Lay an empty sweet jar in front of them, tickle them and they jump in the jar which they can’t get out when you stand it up.
    Was the frog brought in by the cat? Our cats used to think they were excellent toys ‘cos they jumped when you prodded them. Whatever the little frog did well to find the toilet and keep itself moist.

  2. Well done Tilly. Catching frogs is difficult at the best of times but in the confined space of the toilet it must have been even harder.

    Good luck with the birthday cakes. A photo of the finished results would be lovely – hint, hint!

    Next week I have set myself the challenge of making a start on the Christmas cakes, hopefully only 6 this year. Must make sure there is plenty of brandy . . . . it’s solely for soaking the dried fruits you understand 😉


    • christmas cake is pure evil disguised as a cake, do not let
      it fool you Sharon. I am sorry I cannot provide photos
      as the proof has been demolished.
      lots of love owl.xxxx
      P.S catching frogs is even harder when your italian aunt is trying to take
      a picture of it.

  3. Christmas cake is the only cake I eat and mine are totally stuffed with a huge range of dried fruits (immersed in brandy and cointreau for three days) and nuts, not just the usual culprits. So much so that there isn’t a lot of space for the cake element! Yummy!


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