Stuff about Things

Stuff is a very brilliant word and it can be used in any manner of contexts when you don’t really know what to say …..     Anyway, as most of you know it has been the start of Lent recently  so I have started something new, as my Mum says that it is better to start Stuff  than to give it up. I have started scrabble club, I didn’t really have much to do so I joined it in my school Library ( which is very good-by the way ) and I just happened to have started it on the day of Lent.

  Tallulah was very impressed when she got home from school on Wednesday because the Vicar had come and rubbed blue ash on her forehead. Other news: I had my feet nibbled by tiny fish! It was the best; I had to put my feet in this tank and then tiny fish came and ate my feet….. It didn’t hurt the fish just tickled loads!

If you have not yet read any of the Mr Gum books, then you are a crazy fool and should race out to the shops and ask for one Right now! They are stupendously funny and make us all explode into fits of laughter. There is a gingerbread man with electric muscles called Alan Taylor, a slightly crazed yogurt-loving old man called Friday-O-Leary who randomly shouts ” THE TRUTH IS A LEMON MERINGUE ” , a 9-year-old girl called Polly and Mr Gum and Billy William the Third ( these two are evil not so genius geniuses ) also Billy William pronounces funny: Funty.

Thank you for reading my random owliness

Owl xx


6 thoughts on “Stuff about Things

  1. Hi Tilly. Nice to see you posting again! I agree that “stuff” is an excellent word; it can be used to mean almost anything, which is most useful. I’m envious of you having had a fish pedicure – I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but it is something I definitely want to try. xx

  2. Welcome back Tilly. I was just beginning to wonder if you had given up the blog ;-(

    Stuff is a wonderful word, used not only to denote random objects or thoughts but also to fill things. I have a cookery book called ‘Stuff It’.

    Good luck with the Scrabble club.


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