Hamleto !!

Yesterday I went to watch a clown version of Hamlet and it was hilarious! They spoke a mixture of English and Gibberish. Everybody called Hamlet either Hammy or Hamleto and “Hammy’s” Uncle did some very cool dancing including the moon walk…..  His Uncle also had an egg which hatched into some sort of bird puppet during the play. This was on at the Warwick arts centre in ( guess where ) Warwick. The company that put on this play was very enthusiastic about talcom powder or ghost powder as they liked to call it and squirted it every where!

It was red nose day on Friday and my two P.E teachers, Mr P and Mr B , walked in as Wallace and Gromit; me and my friends got our pictures taken with them for 50p. Oscar would be so impressed with me!

I now have to skidaddle, bye

Owl xxxx


6 thoughts on “Hamleto !!

  1. Hamleto. Take two eggs, a drop of milk, some chopped ham, season to taste and whip together in a bowl. Then fry for a few minutes until set. Serve with crusty bread and butter.

    Pallet and Barnacle should be a firm of undertakers. Actually I’ve never come across Barnacle as a surname before; I bet it has some strange derivation.

    K xx

  2. Keith beat me to it with the recipe suggestion 😉 The play sounded as though it was good fun which isn’t quite what I’d normally associate with Hamlet.

    Red Nose Day . . . more fun. We have one here too but it is for a different cause.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend Chez Boo with not too much homework.


    • Yes, this hamlet was a whole lot different than ordinary Hamlet this was Hamleto
      Thankfully I have finished this weeks homework

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