Warm At Last …

I am so relieved that England can be sunny! This is helping my chili plant enormously, their stalks are quite tall now. Dad has just announced that we are going to the seaside for the weekend. YEY….

At school I had to run 6 laps around our school field for P.E. My legs ached like crazy! I have just finished a very good book called across the Nightingale floor which is about a mythical Japan. Mac laptops are amazing; I just bought one for myself and they are great.

See you all Later

Owl xxxxx


6 thoughts on “Warm At Last …

  1. Hi Tilly! I agree about the warmth and the sun; it makes me feel so much better. And my chilli seedlings like it too; they’ve grown 2 inches in the last 2 days! Running round fields is a real bore, but it is good for football fitness. I gave up playing hockey as a student because I wasn’t prepared to go training 2-3 nights a week — that’s how much I hate running. Enjoy the seaside — don’t get your feet frozen off though! xxx

    • We had to do hockey at school for about a month in the freezing cold! I didn’t know you had chili plants too, how cool.
      I love the sunshine but sometimes it makes me sneeze. Thanks

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