Pebbles, Sheep and Lots of Hills

I  have just arrived back from Wales, I would tell you where in Wales we went but I can’t actually spell it so never mind. On Saturday, we drove to Port Meirion  for the afternoon and it was lovely. Mum said that a really rich man had visited a cute little Italian village and he liked it so much, that when he got back to his home in Wales, he replicated the village with his own twist. It’s really beautiful and there is a nice looking beach. We got a bit lost in the wilderness there and I sat on part of a tree that had a branch that was in the shape of the letter U! The buildings are all different colours.

Wales is full to bursting with sheep and little frolicky lambs!

Owl xxxxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Pebbles, Sheep and Lots of Hills

  1. What a wonderful surprise weekend that was Tilly. Port Meirion is a perfect little gem of a place.

    On a more prosaic note, those little lambs will make some lovely dinners in a few months time.


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