Nicey Nice

I am sure that we are all very charitable at heart . Our family are going to walk a mile for a charity to help our friend……. We are raising money for a lovely charity that help loads of people.  My mum ( Katyboo ) has made a great web page to help fund raise for *FSID and you can donate there to help this charity bloom! Please pass this message on to all your friends and family and encourage them to help out.

*Foundation for the study of infant deaths is the charity we will be supporting in the walk. It is a charity which helps people like our friend, to deal with the passing away of babies. We are all here for a reason even if we don’t know exactly what that reason is; everybody has a part to play, everything has some reason. I am sure this charity will be extremely grateful, part of your donation will go to gift aid as well! I myself will be pitching in.


Everything makes a difference no matter how small

Love Owl



6 thoughts on “Nicey Nice

  1. Good for you Tilly and family Boo! I hope the sun shines brightly on the day of the walk and oodles of cash is raised.


  2. Hey Owl, I just posted a donation & I’m going to tweet all my Twitter followers about what you’re up to. Right on, superkid! Tons of love, DJxx

  3. I have alerted MummyBoo that I will be donating on the magical day that is the 6th of the month when I get paid!!! Very proud of you all…wanted to join in but am still away in America!!xxx

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