Happy Mothers Day

I am hoping that lots of Mummies are being pampered and filled with pudding today. My mum has been bought lots of Emma Bridgewater and has gone to a car-boot sale today….. I got some cool little nick-knacks there including an owl, a small white and blue cat and a pair of really cute pottery sparrows! Mum went hoping to find some Faberge eggs for twenty pence so she could sell them and we could all retire ( even though I don’t have a job yet, maybe I could retire from school instead  ) .

At the minute my latest hobby is drawing manga and it’s really fun! I have a really bad cold but it is very sunny outside at the moment. Also we are four pounds away from raising £1000 on our charity site we couldn’t have done this without the massive support from all of you so thank you soooooo much, we are all very grateful for your help.

Fried eggs are extremely nice and they are my favourite way to have eggs. What is your best way to have eggs? It’s funny because I love the white and my little sister loves the yolk of the egg! I love baking but I haven’t had time to do much for a while. There is a man called Bill Granger and his recipe books are very good, you should check out his books.

Bye, have a good day all of you people

Owl xxxxxx


6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Yay! You’re now over £1000! Fantastic – well done!

    I’m not to fond of eggs myself — I had too many when I was your age as my parents kept chickens. I especially loathe egg white, but yolk is good. My favourite way with eggs is as an omlette, preferably with lots of cheese.


    • Thank you!
      You were so lucky I want chickens and Oscar measures the chickens in fatness whenever he goes to Melton Market…

      Love Owl x

  2. Great buys at the Car Boot Sale Tilly. Mothers Day here isn’t until May so I have to wait a bit longer ;-(

    Well done with the fund-raising.

    Mushroom omelette or scrambled with cheese please. Fried eggs are good too with crispy bacon and tomato sauce or in a sandwich with chips. Ooooh, I feel quite hungry now 😉

    • I love tomato sauce but I am trying to give it up because I eat it with everything!
      Have you ever had a ketchup sandwich?

      Love Owl x

      • Now that’s one thing you need NEVER try to give up – anything which is seriously tomatoey. The medics all seem to agree (for once) that tomatoes are among the best things you can eat, and it even eggstends (sorry, wrong post!) to tomato ketchup.

        Lots love

      • Yey,
        thank you for informing me about this. And don’t worry about your eggcellent joke.

        Love Owl xx

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