Hahaha! I Love Cheese

Cheese is amazing! There is this really nice garlic cheese I like called Boursin, it is great; we went on a picnic today and mostly I just ate breadsticks with boursin. Earlier in the week I watched The Life Of Brian by Monty Python which was absolutely hilarious even the second time round!

It reminded me of a very funny scene, so I will speak no more…

Blessed are the cheese makers!

Completely off topic, we went into a shop the other  day and a five week old teacup chihuahua came up to us and licked us like crazy. He was so excited. I wanted one, but mum said we would probably accidently sit on it.

Thank you guys, you have all been a big help Charity wise and you are all welcome to come to the big walk if you would like to. The walk is at Western Park, Leicester at 11.00 am on the Fourteenth of May; and there is also going to be a Fab-mazing ( that is my new word ) raffle with awesome prizes like: Emma Bridgewater Pottery, champagne, The chance to be a character in India Knights next novel, tickets for the Beatles’ Childhood homes tour and lots of other cool stuff ………

You can buy raffle tickets on my Mum’s blog Katyboo1’s Weblog. She is very good at that sort of stuff 🙂

See you soon,



8 thoughts on “Hahaha! I Love Cheese

  1. Hmmmm . . . cheese! Vintage cheddar is my absolute favourite, sharp and crumbly but Lancashire and Cheshire are good too, not that I can get the last two very often now. Fetta diced into salads or stuffed into chicken breasts and wrapped in prosciutto, stringy mozzarella melted onto pizza, a simple cheese sauce on vegetables and pasta baked in the oven . . . . oh, where would we be without cheese in its myriad forms! Blessed indeed are the Cheesemakers 😉

    Sadly I cannot attend but will be cheering you on from here rather than the sidelines when the Great Walk is undertaken. Well done all of you for the incredible amount of love, thought and effort you have put into the event, the Foundation will be oodles of money to the better by the end of the day.


    • All that cheese sounds delicious and I love sheeps cheese too!
      Your cheering is greatly appreciated and I think you are right 🙂 .
      Love Owl

  2. Dear Owl,
    I like Brie best, but agree that Boursin is very fine, and indeed we have some in stock here at the moment. Good in alternating bites with Parma ham?

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