My friend


My very lovely friend has just started a blog and I have spent an afternoon teaching her the ways of WordPress……..

She has got a blog called whats on a tea drinkers mind and it is in training! She is looking forward to her first few comments.  As a favour to me please spare a few minutes to gaze at her blog 🙂  She, like me, loves tea and can’t drink enough of it. My tea loving friend is on my blog roll so please check her blog out.

Back to school for me soon. I hate  getting up.


2 thoughts on “My friend

  1. How kind of you to help your friend to set up a blog Tilly, I’ll have a look at it later. Not sure she would necessarily want comments from a middle-aged lady on the other side of the world though 😉

    Back to school, one more term and then it’s the long Summer holiday, that’s something good to focus on.


    • Thanks Sharon, she will love getting a comment from anyone escpecially you!
      I told her your very nice….

      I can’t wait until the summer holidays, it will be a good time 🙂
      love Owl xxxxx

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