Chocolaty Breadsticks and Axolotls Toes

Yesterday we had our big walk and it was great ; we couldn’t of pulled it of without your help ! Altogether we raised around six thousand pounds for charity !!! I helped manage the cake stall, it is always the best job to have ……. I also got my face painted as a tiger and my mum got her face painted as a bee.  Me and my friend had a go at playing poole; the long and short of it was that we were hopeless.

As you can see I have not been eaten by viscous swans therefore I have survived my lovely trip to Stratford. I visited Shakespeare’s birthplace and when we got out of the gift shop they were giving out free Mikado Sticks ( Mikado Sticks are packets of chocolaty  breadstick things) They taste nicer than my explanation sounds!

To be or not to be? That is the question. It’s not really the question, the question is : how many toes does an axolotl have?


This is an axolotl

Bye bye

Owl xx


9 thoughts on “Chocolaty Breadsticks and Axolotls Toes

  1. Yes, wish we could have been there – it sounds a very fine occasion. In this instance not so much guess the weight of the cake, but all the cakes togther! Cake tonnage should be a reasonable measure of festivity, I think.

    And in answer to your question, it looks to me as though it should be eighteen toes…

    • If the cake tonnage is a measurement of awesome party’s and festivities then
      this was brilliant because there were so many cakes that there wasn’t
      enough room on the table!!

      eighteen is a good number…..
      love owl xxx

  2. So happy to hear how well Keelan’s Day went, that was an amazing amount of money to collect 😉

    Glad you survived the rampaging swans of Stratford and had a great time there – can’t argue with free chocolate foodstuffs!

    I have a feeling the axolotl question is a trick one – don’t they grow replacement limbs/digits as needed? If so, then the axolotl has as many toes as it needs during its life.


  3. White choc mikado sticks are A M A Z I N G!
    I hear you are a baker extrodinaire…after June 13th you can bake me a cake…I have a dress to fit into that day…I love victoria sponge…but I also love butter cream icing so am very open to ideas!xxxx

    • I will get my cake making skills to action then.
      I haven’t tried white choc ones, must put that on my to do list : )
      love Owl xxx

    • I have never tried dark chocolate ones – I have a large list of things I have never eaten that I need
      to catch up with 🙂
      love Owl xx

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