My marvelous invention !

I had a best-selling idea that should corner the market ! Scented Moustaches ! 

They are ordinary stick on handle bar moustaches ( the ones with the really curly ends ) that are scented differently for each day of the week…..

Monday :  Lemon and lime scent

Tuesday : Mint scent

Wednesday : Bonfire scent

Thursday : Gerbil scent

Friday : Full english breakfast scent

Saturday : Cut grass scent

I do not have scent for Sunday as a viscous leprechaun called Roger came and ate the bit of paper with the moustache scent on it and now I can’t remember it ( this may have something to do with me being related to a goldfish, but never mind! ) . Can you guys think up an awesome scent that you would like to wake up to on Sunday morning with a moustache stuck to your face. If you can post it on my comment board !  🙂

Did you know that two things I have never done are – have a bat lick my finger and see a dove’s ear.

See you soon

Owl xx


10 thoughts on “My marvelous invention !

  1. Hmmm … I’m sure we can come up with some good scents for you. However I think that maybe Sunday should be Bonfire (in honour of the English barbecue tradition). That would mean that Wednesday (or Sunday) has to be … let’s see …
    – Pernod and blackcurrant
    – wet dog and old bone
    – fish and chips
    – strawberry jam
    – garlic
    Or then again maybe all of those mixed together. 🙂

      • Do not be curious about Pernod. Trust me. It is horrible. It is a sort of liqueur type alcoholic drink strongly flavoured with aniseed; undiluted it is a sick yellow colour. It is VILE. It is even more vile when mixed with blackcurrant cordial (like Ribena). The smell was enough to turn my stomach.
        Hoots. xx

    • impressive thought – I have actually heard of sardines and caramel though I’m not sure where!
      Love Owl xxx

    • Good idea, i LOVE yorkies !! Although not such a great idea for vegitareans with moustaches 🙂
      love Owl xx

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