When I grow up…….

I have decided that when I grow up I would like to be :

  1. An artist
  2. A teacher
  3. A movie producer
  4. A set painter
  5. An actress

in my spare time of course. I also have a goal that I am going to try and save the world, and not from evil squirrels whom steal designer scarves either, I want to come up with eco-inventions to save the earth. The word terra means earth in Latin I think and it is a very cool word. I am in the mood for list-making this mood may have been inspired by the brill Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot  . Anyway :

  1.  Terra
  2. Stellar ( another Latin one I think )
  3. Squid ( I like squid )
  4. Beam
  5. Squiggle
  6. Cantankerous
  7. Vello ( bicycle in French )
  8.  Tangent ( I go off on a tangent quite alot and this word sounds like an orange)

I am also reading The Mediator by Meg Cabot which is about ghosts.

We went to see the work house near Nottingham yesterday, using our new National Trust memberships and it was quite interesting however it didn’t have a tea room.

At the moment I am practicing my movie making by making a three person version of Romeo and Juliet which is proving difficult but fun! It stars Oscar, Tallulah and myself. I am using Imovie to edit my films and it’s really cool as you can add sound effects and transitions as well as voice-overs…  I am doing Romeo and Juliet at school and it is interesting; I really enjoyed Baz Lurman’s version of Romeo and Juliet starring Claire Danes and Leonardo De Caprio !


love Owl xx


6 thoughts on “When I grow up…….

    • Thank you! I have wanted to be an artist since I was little.
      Maybe I could paint awesome sets for my movies and then film….

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