I like limericks. I used to know a cool one about a crumpet but I can’t remember it any more…… Never mind though! I made my own limerick:

There was a young man named Phillip,

who painted a cow in acrylic.

The cow kicked him hard,

right out of the yard,

and that was the end of young Phillip !!

If you know any cool ( or rubbish ) limericks, please post them on comments. 🙂


Love Owl xxx


8 thoughts on “Limericks

  1. There was an old man with a beard
    Who said “It is just as I feared.
    Two owls and hen,
    Four larks and wren,
    Have all made their nest in my beard.”

    That one is by Edward Lear who was not only a great comic poet but also a very fine artist.
    Unfortunately once we get past that we arrive quickly at

    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
    Into space which is quite economical
    Though the good ones I’ve seen
    So seldom are clean
    And the clean ones so seldom are comical.


    • Those are brilliant limericks!
      I have heard of Edward Lear didn’t he write the Owl and the Pussy Cat. I like that poem lots…
      Love Owl 🙂

      • Yes, Edward Lear did indeed write “The Owl and the Pussycat” as well as a lot of other nonsense poems and stories. You can find more about him on Wikipedia.
        Love K xxx

      • I will!
        I like wikipedia, it is useful
        especially when I have to do homework….

        Love Owlxxx

  2. I’ve always liked

    There was an archbishop named Tait,
    Who dined with a friend at eight eight.
    I regret to relate
    I’m unable to state
    What Tait’s tete-a tete ate at eight-eight.

    Best if you say the last line quite quickly! Tete-a-tete (intimate chat, for anyone unfamiliar with it) is an expression that has fallen out of use.

    Love, Noreenx

    • That was very cool!
      tete a tete means head to head in French so
      it kind of makes sense that it’s a deep conversation….

      Love Owl xxx

  3. The was an old man of the isles

    Who suffered severely from pisles

    He couldn’t sit down

    Without a deep frown

    So he had to row standing for misles


    There was an old man called matthew

    Who ate a toaster



    • Sorry if I have already
      posted a comment about this; I think I’m going mental
      because I can’t find the other comment ( the one I thought I had posted possibly )
      They are both very strange but I can tell which one was yours 😉

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