Curious! ….

I have an RE essay about certain dress conducts at the minute and I found some interesting stuff out! Such as, If you are a Buddhist monk, you have to shave your head and wear these special robes. Stereotypically, they are a saffron-y colour but actually the colour of their robes can differ according to where they live. Buddhist nuns have to shave their heads too but they wear white robes.Also, I read that if statues of Buddha have curly hair this represents snails which came and sat on the Buddha’s head to protect him from the sun like slithery sun cream 🙂 .

This is totally unrelated to the paragraph above this but we have just set up a school radio at lunchtimes and it would be awesome if we had a flashmob. They are really cool but it looks really hard.

Love Owl xxx




6 thoughts on “Curious! ….

  1. Didn’t know that about Buddha and the snails!

    The clothes worn by religious orders should be something that sets them free, in a way – but I remember reading a book called ‘Through the Narrow Gate’ by Karen Armstrong, about how in the 1960s she joined a particularly strict order of Christian nuns that had been founded in the 19th century. Among other things, their rule only allowed them to change their knickers twice a week! Now that would be the opposite, of freedom, I think…

  2. I know a number of people who are Hassidic Jews. They have quite an unusual dress style (verging on Steam Punk). Worth checking out. BTW Owl I LOVE flashmobs. Whenever I watch a video of a flashmob (no matter how lame) I am filled with joy. I don’t know why. Love you! Daddy Jamie x

    • I really like flash mobs too.I saw one in a Belgium train station
      to the sound of music and it was really cool!
      I have never heard of Hassidic Jews

      Love you, Owl xxxx

  3. I keep meaning to tll you, there was a flash mob in Sainsbury’s on Sunday . There I was minding my own business, reading the cat food tins, when suddenly all the rest of the people started dancing. It was amazing and weird, not what you expect in Market Harborough on a Sunday afternoon. you would have loved it.

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