The Ideal Homes Exhibition (A world of hot tubs and electric graters)

You may be able to tell what this blog is going to be about from the name of this post.

You guessed it! I went to the ideal homes exhibition in London yesterday and it was really cool. The food section was the best bit because you got to try loads of stuff like curry or toffee peanuts but I did like all the useless gadgets too. I would probably never use any of them but the gadgets were very clever and some were very fab-mazing. There was this electric grater and Oscar loved it and wanted the man selling them to turn all of them on and to grate one of the boiled egg that were in a dish as an example of how miraculous they were. Fortunately Mummy intervened and we let the poor man regain sanity. It is a shame though, I really wanted to see someone grate a boiled egg!

Seeing as it is a show to do with your home they did have some paint stalls which excited me. I know it is a little weird but for some reason I love looking at paint colours and choosing the pretty ones. I found some nice turquoisey paint samples along with a dark maroon colour and a nice light green one called  “Grecian Spa”  which in my opinion is a brilliant name for some paint. Just think, someone gets paid to come up with cool names for some paint…. Wouldn’t that be an excellent job? Getting paid for going ” That pink, we should call it Pussy cat’s nose. That’ll be ten pounds please. Also I think we saw that  women, Susan, off of the Apprentice that had her own cosmetics business.

Happy Mother’s day to my Mummy . I love you tons 🙂 .

Love Owl xxx


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