Oh the Irony!!

You know, it is very rare for England to have sunny weather and now that we do, I have a doomy and horrible cold along with the rest of my family. Plus I have lots of tests at the minute which is rubbish. Right. My moaning is over with, sorry about that!

Derek ( an amazingly cute kitten who’s favourite foods consist of parma ham, baked beans, fish and raspberries ) is going mental because she’s not aloud outside at the moment because we have to re-Derek proof it, so she doesn’t escape. She is squeaking at all the birds and persuading them to come closer to the window, but mostly they just ignore her! Also, Derek is chewing the leaves off of my chili plants and then spitting them out all over the floor in protest.

Because of the recent hotness we opened the windows in the house. Derek realized this as she was uprooting one of my chili plants in the bathroom and when she poked her head out the window, she noticed an extremely rotund pigeon and decided she liked it very much ( even though her hunting skills are at the worm licking stage) and she started climbing onto the roof!!! At this point you could just see her back end poking through the foliage and we then had to haul Derek back in before she fell off.

Derek is indeed an amazing puddy cat, in the words of Tweety bird!

Love Owl xxx


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