A post for the Interweb!

Hello fine people of the internet! How are you doing?

I would just like to apologise profusely at not blogging forever and ages. I have only one excuse for this, and it is the fact that I am rubbish. This blog has ended up in the same state as my many diaries – I write regularly and with enthusiasm for a while and then I don’t make another entry until after the zombie apocalypse. I now see the flaw in this (already flawed) method, is the fact that:

A) I’m not sure we’ll have electricity after the zombie apocalypse,


B) I may be part of the defeated undead horde by that time.

I think it is quite amusing that people keep saying how prepared everyone is for a zombie apocalypse because, people are prepared, just not very well prepared. Apart from the small amount of people who live in small iron rooms deep underground with only themselves and 10 billion cans of baked beans to keep them company, waiting until they can re-emerge into a world were they will be free of zombies and other people!

Fortunately, I am slightly skeptical about the zombie apocalypse so I don’t think there’s anything much to worry about. “Ha” you say, “We will remind you of your skepticism when you are being chased by the hungry hordes of undead, and we will flick grapes at you and laugh.”

For now, I will sit here and drink tea out of my excellently large mug.


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