Fandom related things

Hello again!

I am very excited at the minute because everything is going on, in the Fandomverse! In case the last word in that sentence looked like some sort of cake induced babble, I shall explain to you, the Fandomverse:

If you are particularly fond of a TV show/band/movie/book  (silently ticking them in my head), then you are called a fan. You a part of a fandom, which in itself is part of the almighty, Fandomverse.

Currently, everyone in the Fandomverse ( I wonder how many times that word has been used in this post) is hyped up because of:

1) 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!!!!!!

2) Hopefully season three of Sherlock!!!

3) The second Hunger Games movie – Catching Fire!!! (It won’t be as good as the books but it will still be pretty awesome).

4) Thor 2 – The Dark World, is out!!! My friend has already watched this and I am immensely jealous of her!

5) Supernatural Season 9 (already seen the first 2 episodes and I highly recommend it to everyone!)!!!

There is much to dance about!

Lots of love, Owl x


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