Who am I ?

My life is full of cool stuff and lovely friends! I also have a brain that operates on interesting stuff that some people may call random, but hey ho, some random things are the best. Like those little sweets!

I have a nice family and a cute but mischievous kitten called Derek ( don’t be fooled by her name, she’s a girl). I enjoy zombie movies such as: I am Legend ( It made me cry as it was very sad but good – it has Will Smith in it so that figures) The Resident Evil movies (wet your pants scary but good all the same) and Zombie Land- This is a hilarious movie about zombies and the desperate search for twinkies ( yummy!)….

I love reading, especially fantasy and adventure stories.I would like to have my friend and I’s book published, in my opinion, it is fab-mazing, but then I would say that seeing as I wrote part of it…..

I would like to aspire to be lots of things when I am older like a teacher or an artist or a movie maker! I think that if you set your mind to it and have a good cause in mind, then  everyone can do amazing stuff. I tend to use that word a lot; Stuff.

My favourite colours are purple and green, my best friends are Jessie and Nicole who are both awesome! I am so lucky to have such a kind family who love me back. I like bumblebees, pussy cats, penguins,mice and owls.

I hope this wasn’t as boring to read as I think it might be, but I just started writing and started to ramble on a bit. I will make up for it with this picture of Derek (who looks a little cross-eyed but cute as anything) :


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