Books, books and a bit of cake….

Hello Bloggers/Blog readers/Awesome people,

I have just finished reading a book called Loser by Jerry Spinelli. He writes beautiful, emotional books and the ones I have read are about being different. Star Girl, also by Jerry Spinelli, is amazing and makes you look at the world in different ways. It made me cry because I’m soppy, but I definitely recommend both books!!

The other books I’ve been reading at the moment are the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich which are super exciting! Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter who lives in Jersey with her hamster Rex. I think there are 18 books and I need to order the 11th one. They a funny and sometimes sad but Stephanie’s life is VERY entertaining!!!

I’m writing this whilst eating so Ryvita which isn’t cake but we can pretend….

Love Owl xx



Sorry I didn’t manage to blog yesterday but I was worn out! A brief summary of our doings is typed here:

We got a Krispy Creme Donut from the train station then went on a Duck Tour around London…. Duck tours are were you get taken on an expedition round the most  interesting bits of London ( in this case however we did go on a Duck tour in Seattle which was cool ) in these special cars from WWII that can drive on the roads and on water!!  Speaking of war, we went to the Imperial War Museum and that was fascinating as they had exhibits about all kinds of stuff on such as, The Blitz, The Holocaust, Evacuees and much more. The Holocaust exhibition was sad but we should definitely learn from this! After all this we were starving, so we caught the tube and found a lovely Turkish restaurant where I ate a lot of fried Halloumi which is a type of cheese that doesn’t melt when you cook it and it’s lovely and salty along with some calamari and some chicken shish… Yummy!

Sorry about that; that  wasn’t really very, brief was it? Never mind. Today we went to this place called the Wellcome Institute (don’t worry, I can spell, that’s it’s name) which is this sciencey place and they had an exhibition on about brains, which is a bit gruesome but still cool. They have a bit about medicine upstairs as well, along with a collection of stuff like death masks and prosthetic limbs, shrunken heads and tooth necklaces! I highly recommend it.

Tallulah and Oscar got fluffy germ toys, which they picked themselves, as a treat from the Wellcome Institute. We managed to drop Tallulah’s in a puddle on the way home which was quite amusing, so it’s currently drying out on the kitchen table. Anyway, after the Wellcome Institute, we made our way over to Selfridges but made a pit stop on the way to an amazing chocolate shop on Marylebone High street called Rococo Chocolates and because I hadn’t gotten a stuffed germ in the gift shop as I decided I had enough stuff, Mum let me have ten little chocolates instead…. Hooray! They were luxurious; I had some ordinary flavours but I also picked some weird ones too like the geranium one. Then we stopped at a book shop called Daunt Books that is beautiful and looks a bit like a library.

Finally, we meandered into Selfridges (tis big department store) and got the mug Mummy wanted. As we were walking up to the doors we encountered a small brass band marching along the makeup  floor and followed shortly after by an impressive on man band! we also saw some plastic Corgis wearing crowns and headscarves and some brightly coloured plastic pigeons sporting very fine top hats…

Next, we stopped at a cute little cafe for refreshments and because I am a great sister, I fulfilled my sisterly duties and drank Oscar and Tallulah’s hot chocolates as they claimed they were full. Ha ha! Then we got on the next bus we saw and rode all the way until it got to the end of it’s route and got on another bus taking us back the way we had just come. After that we just walked around for ages exploring whilst looking for the right bus to take us home. Unfortunately that bus drove past us so we had to catch the next one. I would really recommend just getting on a random bus because it’s really fun.

If you have been to London before you will know how awesome it is, and if you haven’t, well, you should because you will undoubtedly love it. Just before I go I must tell you about a book I started after I finished the Deathly Hallows. It’s called Into The Woods and it was fabulous; I have finished it now and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was based around the Pied Piper but bits of other fairy tales were woven into the story. You may think it’s soppy because it uses fairy tales but Into The Woods is really thrilling and fun to read. It’s about three sisters and this magical pipe which is desperately being hunted by the malicious baddy…

Well, I have to go to bed now, but in the meanwhile, Keep calm and carry on! 🙂

Love Owl x

There’s A Frog In My Toilet ……..

……. Dear Eliza, Dear Eliza. That was the modern take on Dear Eliza. At the moment, I am bunking at Granny’s house and I woke up to the sound of Grandad, shouting : there’s a frog in the toilet !

I rushed to the toilet to see and there was a small frog in the toilet! After, the grownups debated who was going to get it out; I butted in and said I would. They are extremely hard to catch without hurting them, frogs. I finally caught the frog and brought it down stairs; by which time the frog had started to work it’s way up my arm. Someone opened the door and I laid it on the grass.

My Auntie Pat and her grown up daughter Pia have come to visit us from Italy.

Yesterday, the cat ( Tessy) tried to eat the flowers in the vase on the living room table . She got really annoyed when she couldn’t find them and was searching everywhere.

I have to go now because I  have to make Oscar’s and Auntie Pat’s birthday cakes.

Bye bye bye bye. lurvve Owl x


Guess who got her yellow belt………. Meeeeeeee! Did you know that there are 15 different Katas (a Kata is a pattern of punches, kicks and blocks). Thank you for everyone’s encouragement 🙂

I have now a list of were are good places to get nice things to eat in different places in the world. (that was a confusing sentence!)

  • France = Anywhere in France serves lovely pastry and tea, Oh lala
  • Canada = If you go to Canada look up the Med grill or Mary’s Blue Moon cafe. Once I had a portion of calamari as big as my head there!
  •  Las Vegas = It is like France but instead of stripy French men and pastry; they have gamblers and panckakes. Chocoholics go straight to the Belagio chocolate shop!!
  • England = If you like the best things in life in the ways of sweet things go to Fortnum and Masons, but beware, because it is like a pound per chocolate.
  • Seattle = For a delicious snackarel got to Starbucks and get a toasted panini

           So if you have been somewhere that is truly delicious please post it in at:

            Number 16, Felt  Tip Owl , The Comment Box !

Cheerio for now, Owl xxx

“Let Them Eat Cake”

Hello, I love baking. It’s brilliant! (if you don’t want to read a recipe scroll down until its finished).

There is an excellent recipe for biscuits in the Green and Blacks Recipe Book.  The recipe is called Bea’s Thumbprint cookies.      You will need:

  • 175g softened butter
  •  175g caster sugar
  •  1 big egg
  • 125g self-raising flour
  • 175g plain flour 
  •  200g of chocolate spread

Line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper. Cream the butter and sugar until it’s light and fluffy with an electric mixer. Add the egg and beat well. Stir in the plain and self raising flour and mix to a dough. Leave to rest for an hour.

Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 / 180 C/ 350 F

Use the palms of your hands to roll about one heaped table spoon of the dough into a ball about an inch in diameter.   Use the palm of your hand to flatten it onto the baking sheet. Press your thumb into the middle of your  dough circles and fill the hole with delicious chocolate spread. Bake for 10-12 minutesor until the cookies are golden brown.

These are fab tasting cookies, I’ve made millions of these and they were all a success.Cookies,cakes and pastries are all just so yummy.

 I favour the saying “Let them Eat Cake”. I had the best brekfast ever, at  a hotel in Brands Hatch place. I had raspberries, raspberries, pain au chocolate, custard pastry and I had a whole pot of tea to myself!!

Write back soon

                                 Owl xxxx