What To Wear?….


Today I promised I would let my friend show me her entire wardrobe and I thought I would share it with you! My friend thought this was a great idea and agreed to model all her clothes so we could make this post….

This is my friend Julia:


So, lets get started with this fashion show then!!!

This is Julia’s typical look for a Monday.
Sophisticated, cute and the kind of yellow that’s the colour of that stain on your table cloth.

This is Julia’s ABBA mixed with classy party dress.
Good for Saturday nights and ABBA related things ( of which I’m sure there are many).
Not too good for puddles though!

If you are going on a trip to Spain and want to look fab-mazing then you should borrow Julia’s great polka-dot flamenco dress
which is brill for the beach. However you could always turn it Country with a cool cowboy hat and a piece of straw…

If your life-long dream was to be an air hostess but you never found the perfect dress for serving disgusting food on an airplane then look no further!!!
Julia is giving her stylish, hot pink, skirt suit away. If you have a 3 cm waist, are 2-d and 2 inches tall then the dress is yours!!


Julia is looking good in leather trousers and a puffy almost Elizabethan style shirt.
What more could you want?!!
The blackness of the trousers is an added bonus as pasta sauce wont show up!!!

I hope you found this very educational. Julia is clearly born to be a trend-setter. Next time I leave the house, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had one more air-hostess in the world and a lot more people wearing canary-yellow suits and leather trousers!

Lots of love,

Owl xx ( and Julia)






Rock, Paper, Egg!

At school me and my friend Keep cracking really terrible egg jokes! It seems to be all about eggs at the moment and we had a competition at school; We had to decorate the best egg….

Mum suggested that I blow my egg ( you poke holes in the top and bottom of the egg and then blow out the eggy bit). This was not a good plan! It took me about fifteen minutes to blow out half a teaspoonful of egg and then I accidently bit it. I started again, boiling my egg instead……

I tried to teach my little brother, Oscar , how to play rock, paper, scissors the other day without success. He looked at what I had done and then played a winning move or he shouted out what he was going to do and then asked me what move I was going to play. It was truly hopeless!

I have recently read a very funny book which is called The Timewaster letters by Robin Cooper. He writes spoof letters to loads of different companies and associations about mad stuff like his lost shoelace or beef scarecrows! One particular letter made me laugh very much when he claimed that if you squeezed the end of a wasp a substance called waspard would come out and that waspard is like mustard.

See you later

Owl x

Waiter, Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Soup….

…Shush, or everybody will want one!  The crowd goes silent and the cricket knew it was her cue.

I hvae a throey to tset. Can poelpe ralely raed smohtnig taht is jmulebd up, if the frsit and lsat ltetres are in the smae pcale. If you know what this says please post the two sentences on the comment board with everything propely spelled.

When I was but a wee las,  my mum tryed for ages to try and get me to learn this joke:

What does an Owl eat?

hoow, hoow,  hoowlahoops!

I have to say a special thank you to our friend B, because she painted my nails and toe nails perfectly and now I look like a princess.

All my fellow Gleeks out there, there is a new series started and it awesome!!! Awesome is one of my favourite words along with aloof.

On Monday I’m starting my new middle school and I am so excited 🙂 You can tell that I am excited when if I need to pack, I pack my bags a few weeks in advance. I have already packed my satchel.

As I do very much enjoy amusing videos I shall share one with you now;

I hope you liked the talking cats.

See you later, Owl xxx