London and it’s many rainy attractions…

We have come to London for half-term and despite the grizzly weather it has been really fun!

We are not here to see the Queen, in fact Mum is trying to avoid most of the crowds but we’re having a good time anyway. We have been to the Great British Library and Coram Fields which is this really cool park thing where you can only go in if you are with a kid, and they have a zip wire and big playgrounds. Also, in the summer, they have a shallow pool filled with water with little things  that spurt water….. We like fountains. If the weather gets better, Mum is going to take us to this amazing fountain on the South Bank which is concentric squares which shoot water up at different times and even though it’s freezing. I like the South Bank, they have a Wagamamas and normally there is cool things going on along the side so it is well worth visiting!

In the day, we went to this place called Highgate Cemetery and because no one else was stupid enough to go out in the pouring rain we got the tour guide all to ourselves and he was so good!!! It was really interesting and it turns out that he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for going round the globe in a double-decker and for driving a double decker on only two wheels! Also the cemetery itself was really intense and cool; we saw this little grave and apparently it belonged to this man who was this massive criminal mastermind of the Victorian Ages but he didn’t believe in violence so he was just this really clever con-man who befriended these super rich people and then robbed them without them ever knowing! He was never caught because even though all the police suspected him, they could never catch him in the act!! This was the guy James Moriarty was based on ( Moriarty is Sherlock Holmes’s arch-nemesis). There is an amazing Sherlock Holmes programme on every year and they do a few episodes but it has Benedict Cumberbatch in and he is a great actor along with Martin Freeman A.K.A Watson.

Tonight, we went and saw this poet called John Hegley who does quite comedic poems and he was fab-mazing! He signed some books for us and read some brilliant poems/songs…….. It’s really late now so I better go to bed other wise I will resemble a zombie tomorrow morning!

Love Owl

P.s If you are going to Kings Cross in London, be sure to look out for Platform Nine and Three quarters from Harry Potter! They have got a Hogwarts trolley going through the wall we all had our pictures taken with it! 🙂


When I grow up…….

I have decided that when I grow up I would like to be :

  1. An artist
  2. A teacher
  3. A movie producer
  4. A set painter
  5. An actress

in my spare time of course. I also have a goal that I am going to try and save the world, and not from evil squirrels whom steal designer scarves either, I want to come up with eco-inventions to save the earth. The word terra means earth in Latin I think and it is a very cool word. I am in the mood for list-making this mood may have been inspired by the brill Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot  . Anyway :

  1.  Terra
  2. Stellar ( another Latin one I think )
  3. Squid ( I like squid )
  4. Beam
  5. Squiggle
  6. Cantankerous
  7. Vello ( bicycle in French )
  8.  Tangent ( I go off on a tangent quite alot and this word sounds like an orange)

I am also reading The Mediator by Meg Cabot which is about ghosts.

We went to see the work house near Nottingham yesterday, using our new National Trust memberships and it was quite interesting however it didn’t have a tea room.

At the moment I am practicing my movie making by making a three person version of Romeo and Juliet which is proving difficult but fun! It stars Oscar, Tallulah and myself. I am using Imovie to edit my films and it’s really cool as you can add sound effects and transitions as well as voice-overs…  I am doing Romeo and Juliet at school and it is interesting; I really enjoyed Baz Lurman’s version of Romeo and Juliet starring Claire Danes and Leonardo De Caprio !


love Owl xx

Hamleto !!

Yesterday I went to watch a clown version of Hamlet and it was hilarious! They spoke a mixture of English and Gibberish. Everybody called Hamlet either Hammy or Hamleto and “Hammy’s” Uncle did some very cool dancing including the moon walk…..  His Uncle also had an egg which hatched into some sort of bird puppet during the play. This was on at the Warwick arts centre in ( guess where ) Warwick. The company that put on this play was very enthusiastic about talcom powder or ghost powder as they liked to call it and squirted it every where!

It was red nose day on Friday and my two P.E teachers, Mr P and Mr B , walked in as Wallace and Gromit; me and my friends got our pictures taken with them for 50p. Oscar would be so impressed with me!

I now have to skidaddle, bye

Owl xxxx