Fandom related things

Hello again!

I am very excited at the minute because everything is going on, in the Fandomverse! In case the last word in that sentence looked like some sort of cake induced babble, I shall explain to you, the Fandomverse:

If you are particularly fond of a TV show/band/movie/book  (silently ticking them in my head), then you are called a fan. You a part of a fandom, which in itself is part of the almighty, Fandomverse.

Currently, everyone in the Fandomverse ( I wonder how many times that word has been used in this post) is hyped up because of:

1) 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!!!!!!

2) Hopefully season three of Sherlock!!!

3) The second Hunger Games movie – Catching Fire!!! (It won’t be as good as the books but it will still be pretty awesome).

4) Thor 2 – The Dark World, is out!!! My friend has already watched this and I am immensely jealous of her!

5) Supernatural Season 9 (already seen the first 2 episodes and I highly recommend it to everyone!)!!!

There is much to dance about!

Lots of love, Owl x


A post for the Interweb!

Hello fine people of the internet! How are you doing?

I would just like to apologise profusely at not blogging forever and ages. I have only one excuse for this, and it is the fact that I am rubbish. This blog has ended up in the same state as my many diaries – I write regularly and with enthusiasm for a while and then I don’t make another entry until after the zombie apocalypse. I now see the flaw in this (already flawed) method, is the fact that:

A) I’m not sure we’ll have electricity after the zombie apocalypse,


B) I may be part of the defeated undead horde by that time.

I think it is quite amusing that people keep saying how prepared everyone is for a zombie apocalypse because, people are prepared, just not very well prepared. Apart from the small amount of people who live in small iron rooms deep underground with only themselves and 10 billion cans of baked beans to keep them company, waiting until they can re-emerge into a world were they will be free of zombies and other people!

Fortunately, I am slightly skeptical about the zombie apocalypse so I don’t think there’s anything much to worry about. “Ha” you say, “We will remind you of your skepticism when you are being chased by the hungry hordes of undead, and we will flick grapes at you and laugh.”

For now, I will sit here and drink tea out of my excellently large mug.

Mystical Olympics

Hello Bloggers,

Hope you enjoyed the Olympics! I am not a very sporty person and I don’t really like watching sport either but if you add some more interesting characters and events to the Olympics then I would definitely come and watch!!

For Boxing we have:

Batman in the uuummm Black corner! All the way from Gotham City!


Angel also in the Black corner ( they should really try some new colours!).
He’s just flown in from LA.











It’s going to be a rough fight and they both have skills! Angel has the advantage  of being  a vampire ( a good one though ) but Bruce Wayne… Oops, I mean Batman, has been trained by the best and he has lots of gadgets.

Okay, the next Mystical Olympic event will be Flying! The contestants will get points for their routines and for their taking off and landing skills.

You know and love him… Yes it’s Harry Potter!! Now that Voldemort’s gone he can use his free time to become a top Quidittich player!










Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are hoping to take a gold medal back to Neverland with their shining routine!









Peter Pan may have the upper hand as he’s lighter (no offense Harry but he’s like 12 so it’s the truth) but Potter has proved his skill before by dodging a Hungarian Horntail on his broom ….

Next up we have the Running and we have some contestants who have been training very very hard!

Lola Bunny….. Okay I know she’s in a movie about basketball but she’s a rabbit which means she can run fast. Probably.










Road Runner’s here! We know he can beat Wily Coyote but can he keep up with Lola Bunny’s bouncing strides?









Lola is all warmed up as she has just come of the set of Space Jam but so is Road Runner; Wily Coyote is always hungry ! Beep beep…..

For our second to last event, we have Elemental Magic! Earth, Air, Wind and Fire are going to be manipulated to build a castle and each will be judged. Basically, this one is a bit like a sandcastle competition.

Here is Valkyrie Cain (AKA Stephanie Edgley) and her mentor and all round awesome skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant. They managed to get a ferry over from Ireland so they will be competing in this year’s games!












Here we have Aang the Airbender but since he can only do the wind bit of the challenge he has bought his whole crew….









The Avatar gang have the advantage of numbers however Skulduggery and Valkyrie have other magic too. Valkyrie is an skilled necromancer and Skulduggery, as I have mentioned before, is just plain awesome! Lets see how this pans out.

Finally,we have the riding pageant thingymajig!!

Here is the Dude from Eragon and his dragon. Since this is the last event we will be expecting something good. And they get disqualified if they eat the opposition…


Here we’ve got Pegasus and Hercules. Pegasus is fab-mazing, Hercules, not so much…. He’s a bit annoying, I prefer Megara but she was on holiday.

Well, there’s not much to say about the riding. They ride the animals over rainbows and stuff!









So, that’s the end of the Mystical games… Almost! You get to leave comments and say who you want to win; the person in each category with the most votes wins!!!

I hope you enjoyed the games and don’t forget to buy the Tee-shirt.

Owl xxx

Oh the Irony!!

You know, it is very rare for England to have sunny weather and now that we do, I have a doomy and horrible cold along with the rest of my family. Plus I have lots of tests at the minute which is rubbish. Right. My moaning is over with, sorry about that!

Derek ( an amazingly cute kitten who’s favourite foods consist of parma ham, baked beans, fish and raspberries ) is going mental because she’s not aloud outside at the moment because we have to re-Derek proof it, so she doesn’t escape. She is squeaking at all the birds and persuading them to come closer to the window, but mostly they just ignore her! Also, Derek is chewing the leaves off of my chili plants and then spitting them out all over the floor in protest.

Because of the recent hotness we opened the windows in the house. Derek realized this as she was uprooting one of my chili plants in the bathroom and when she poked her head out the window, she noticed an extremely rotund pigeon and decided she liked it very much ( even though her hunting skills are at the worm licking stage) and she started climbing onto the roof!!! At this point you could just see her back end poking through the foliage and we then had to haul Derek back in before she fell off.

Derek is indeed an amazing puddy cat, in the words of Tweety bird!

Love Owl xxx

The Ideal Homes Exhibition (A world of hot tubs and electric graters)

You may be able to tell what this blog is going to be about from the name of this post.

You guessed it! I went to the ideal homes exhibition in London yesterday and it was really cool. The food section was the best bit because you got to try loads of stuff like curry or toffee peanuts but I did like all the useless gadgets too. I would probably never use any of them but the gadgets were very clever and some were very fab-mazing. There was this electric grater and Oscar loved it and wanted the man selling them to turn all of them on and to grate one of the boiled egg that were in a dish as an example of how miraculous they were. Fortunately Mummy intervened and we let the poor man regain sanity. It is a shame though, I really wanted to see someone grate a boiled egg!

Seeing as it is a show to do with your home they did have some paint stalls which excited me. I know it is a little weird but for some reason I love looking at paint colours and choosing the pretty ones. I found some nice turquoisey paint samples along with a dark maroon colour and a nice light green one called  “Grecian Spa”  which in my opinion is a brilliant name for some paint. Just think, someone gets paid to come up with cool names for some paint…. Wouldn’t that be an excellent job? Getting paid for going ” That pink, we should call it Pussy cat’s nose. That’ll be ten pounds please. Also I think we saw that  women, Susan, off of the Apprentice that had her own cosmetics business.

Happy Mother’s day to my Mummy . I love you tons 🙂 .

Love Owl xxx

Curious! ….

I have an RE essay about certain dress conducts at the minute and I found some interesting stuff out! Such as, If you are a Buddhist monk, you have to shave your head and wear these special robes. Stereotypically, they are a saffron-y colour but actually the colour of their robes can differ according to where they live. Buddhist nuns have to shave their heads too but they wear white robes.Also, I read that if statues of Buddha have curly hair this represents snails which came and sat on the Buddha’s head to protect him from the sun like slithery sun cream 🙂 .

This is totally unrelated to the paragraph above this but we have just set up a school radio at lunchtimes and it would be awesome if we had a flashmob. They are really cool but it looks really hard.

Love Owl xxx



Birthday Owl

Yesterday it was my birthday and it was super-duper !  I went to a shop called ROODIES ( it is an awesome cake shop in Hinckley ) for my birthday brunch and Mrs Roodie put a real sparkler in my cake !!! amazing…..

Also thank you ever so much for the fabmazing things people sent me and wishes they wished me because they were really lovely. 🙂 Everything was so nice  (especially the cake !)

Love Owl xx