London and it’s many rainy attractions…

We have come to London for half-term and despite the grizzly weather it has been really fun!

We are not here to see the Queen, in fact Mum is trying to avoid most of the crowds but we’re having a good time anyway. We have been to the Great British Library and Coram Fields which is this really cool park thing where you can only go in if you are with a kid, and they have a zip wire and big playgrounds. Also, in the summer, they have a shallow pool filled with water with little things  that spurt water….. We like fountains. If the weather gets better, Mum is going to take us to this amazing fountain on the South Bank which is concentric squares which shoot water up at different times and even though it’s freezing. I like the South Bank, they have a Wagamamas and normally there is cool things going on along the side so it is well worth visiting!

In the day, we went to this place called Highgate Cemetery and because no one else was stupid enough to go out in the pouring rain we got the tour guide all to ourselves and he was so good!!! It was really interesting and it turns out that he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for going round the globe in a double-decker and for driving a double decker on only two wheels! Also the cemetery itself was really intense and cool; we saw this little grave and apparently it belonged to this man who was this massive criminal mastermind of the Victorian Ages but he didn’t believe in violence so he was just this really clever con-man who befriended these super rich people and then robbed them without them ever knowing! He was never caught because even though all the police suspected him, they could never catch him in the act!! This was the guy James Moriarty was based on ( Moriarty is Sherlock Holmes’s arch-nemesis). There is an amazing Sherlock Holmes programme on every year and they do a few episodes but it has Benedict Cumberbatch in and he is a great actor along with Martin Freeman A.K.A Watson.

Tonight, we went and saw this poet called John Hegley who does quite comedic poems and he was fab-mazing! He signed some books for us and read some brilliant poems/songs…….. It’s really late now so I better go to bed other wise I will resemble a zombie tomorrow morning!

Love Owl

P.s If you are going to Kings Cross in London, be sure to look out for Platform Nine and Three quarters from Harry Potter! They have got a Hogwarts trolley going through the wall we all had our pictures taken with it! 🙂


Book time! Hooray

Hello! Thank you for all your lovely comments by the way….

I have been meaning to read the Harry Potter books for ages! I have listened to all the CD’s/tapes and watched all the films but reading the books is the best thing to do really. I am on the last book now, The Deathly Hallows and it’s great but my favourite is the Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyone who hasn’t read them really needs to!

I have also just finished reading an amazing, emotional book called Wonder by R.J Palacio about a boy called August who was born with a deformed face and it is about him starting school however each part of the book is from someone in his family or their friends view point and it’s an absolutely inspiring! I think we are surrounded by amazing books and literature but no one thinks that they will enjoy them more than an Xbox or a film but they’re wrong because some books are just brilliant. It’s great the way that they make their own worlds and people and that you make friends (or enemies) with them along the way.

Love Owl x

Oh the Irony!!

You know, it is very rare for England to have sunny weather and now that we do, I have a doomy and horrible cold along with the rest of my family. Plus I have lots of tests at the minute which is rubbish. Right. My moaning is over with, sorry about that!

Derek ( an amazingly cute kitten who’s favourite foods consist of parma ham, baked beans, fish and raspberries ) is going mental because she’s not aloud outside at the moment because we have to re-Derek proof it, so she doesn’t escape. She is squeaking at all the birds and persuading them to come closer to the window, but mostly they just ignore her! Also, Derek is chewing the leaves off of my chili plants and then spitting them out all over the floor in protest.

Because of the recent hotness we opened the windows in the house. Derek realized this as she was uprooting one of my chili plants in the bathroom and when she poked her head out the window, she noticed an extremely rotund pigeon and decided she liked it very much ( even though her hunting skills are at the worm licking stage) and she started climbing onto the roof!!! At this point you could just see her back end poking through the foliage and we then had to haul Derek back in before she fell off.

Derek is indeed an amazing puddy cat, in the words of Tweety bird!

Love Owl xxx

The Ideal Homes Exhibition (A world of hot tubs and electric graters)

You may be able to tell what this blog is going to be about from the name of this post.

You guessed it! I went to the ideal homes exhibition in London yesterday and it was really cool. The food section was the best bit because you got to try loads of stuff like curry or toffee peanuts but I did like all the useless gadgets too. I would probably never use any of them but the gadgets were very clever and some were very fab-mazing. There was this electric grater and Oscar loved it and wanted the man selling them to turn all of them on and to grate one of the boiled egg that were in a dish as an example of how miraculous they were. Fortunately Mummy intervened and we let the poor man regain sanity. It is a shame though, I really wanted to see someone grate a boiled egg!

Seeing as it is a show to do with your home they did have some paint stalls which excited me. I know it is a little weird but for some reason I love looking at paint colours and choosing the pretty ones. I found some nice turquoisey paint samples along with a dark maroon colour and a nice light green one called  “Grecian Spa”  which in my opinion is a brilliant name for some paint. Just think, someone gets paid to come up with cool names for some paint…. Wouldn’t that be an excellent job? Getting paid for going ” That pink, we should call it Pussy cat’s nose. That’ll be ten pounds please. Also I think we saw that  women, Susan, off of the Apprentice that had her own cosmetics business.

Happy Mother’s day to my Mummy . I love you tons 🙂 .

Love Owl xxx

Curious! ….

I have an RE essay about certain dress conducts at the minute and I found some interesting stuff out! Such as, If you are a Buddhist monk, you have to shave your head and wear these special robes. Stereotypically, they are a saffron-y colour but actually the colour of their robes can differ according to where they live. Buddhist nuns have to shave their heads too but they wear white robes.Also, I read that if statues of Buddha have curly hair this represents snails which came and sat on the Buddha’s head to protect him from the sun like slithery sun cream 🙂 .

This is totally unrelated to the paragraph above this but we have just set up a school radio at lunchtimes and it would be awesome if we had a flashmob. They are really cool but it looks really hard.

Love Owl xxx




I like limericks. I used to know a cool one about a crumpet but I can’t remember it any more…… Never mind though! I made my own limerick:

There was a young man named Phillip,

who painted a cow in acrylic.

The cow kicked him hard,

right out of the yard,

and that was the end of young Phillip !!

If you know any cool ( or rubbish ) limericks, please post them on comments. 🙂


Love Owl xxx

Professor Layton is melting my brain

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Professor Layton games on the DS are awesome…. But  some of the puzzles melt my brain a bit. For anyone who hasn’t played it, Professor Layton is like Sherlock homes but wears a top hat and solves puzzles!

I was going to do a blog containing a movie I made about a reporter chicken who goes on a stake out and arrests the eeeevvviilll sausage roll terrorizing hawk/crow. However the computer does not like me at the minute and refuses point blank to do anything I ask it!

I am quite excited as we have just started our cooking module at school and this week we are making pies or tartlets with short crust pastry. I especially like cooking as a topic because mostly I end up eating half of my produce and then trying everyone else’s. I really am surprised that I’m not the size of an elephant by now. Come up with a crazy pie idea or a tartlet thought and put them as a comment, I am going to try it now:

A tartlet filled with a mixture of tuna and Heinz baked beans with some streaky bacon as a flake. ( This is in honour of Derek my cat, these are all of her favourite foods apart from ham and raspberries).

We have discovered that those new biscuits called Quirks are really appetizing. They look all boring on the outside but when you bite into them they are filled with gooey chocolate spread, how cool is that?

See you later guys,

love Owl xx