Professor Layton is melting my brain

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Professor Layton games on the DS are awesome…. But  some of the puzzles melt my brain a bit. For anyone who hasn’t played it, Professor Layton is like Sherlock homes but wears a top hat and solves puzzles!

I was going to do a blog containing a movie I made about a reporter chicken who goes on a stake out and arrests the eeeevvviilll sausage roll terrorizing hawk/crow. However the computer does not like me at the minute and refuses point blank to do anything I ask it!

I am quite excited as we have just started our cooking module at school and this week we are making pies or tartlets with short crust pastry. I especially like cooking as a topic because mostly I end up eating half of my produce and then trying everyone else’s. I really am surprised that I’m not the size of an elephant by now. Come up with a crazy pie idea or a tartlet thought and put them as a comment, I am going to try it now:

A tartlet filled with a mixture of tuna and Heinz baked beans with some streaky bacon as a flake. ( This is in honour of Derek my cat, these are all of her favourite foods apart from ham and raspberries).

We have discovered that those new biscuits called Quirks are really appetizing. They look all boring on the outside but when you bite into them they are filled with gooey chocolate spread, how cool is that?

See you later guys,

love Owl xx


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