Rock, Paper, Egg!

At school me and my friend Keep cracking really terrible egg jokes! It seems to be all about eggs at the moment and we had a competition at school; We had to decorate the best egg….

Mum suggested that I blow my egg ( you poke holes in the top and bottom of the egg and then blow out the eggy bit). This was not a good plan! It took me about fifteen minutes to blow out half a teaspoonful of egg and then I accidently bit it. I started again, boiling my egg instead……

I tried to teach my little brother, Oscar , how to play rock, paper, scissors the other day without success. He looked at what I had done and then played a winning move or he shouted out what he was going to do and then asked me what move I was going to play. It was truly hopeless!

I have recently read a very funny book which is called The Timewaster letters by Robin Cooper. He writes spoof letters to loads of different companies and associations about mad stuff like his lost shoelace or beef scarecrows! One particular letter made me laugh very much when he claimed that if you squeezed the end of a wasp a substance called waspard would come out and that waspard is like mustard.

See you later

Owl x


6 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Egg!

  1. I bought a dozen eggstra large eggs a few weeks ago and 11 of them were double yoked. If they hadn’t been free-range I would have wondered if the hens had been on IVF drugs!

    I think the only thing likely to come out of the end of a squeezed wasp is its sting, so probably best not to try it and see 😉


    • Don’t worry i’m not eggsactly hot off the mark to squeeze a wasp’s bum.
      maybe the chickens had been secretly taking steroids !
      Owl xxx

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